Giving back to Peru

Here at LetsGo Peru, we feel that we can give something back to Peru through tourism. There are many areas in Peru that depend on tourism as their main source of income, so we aim to show all of our clientele the famous sites as well as the hidden treasures to provide the ultimate service to you; our travellers and to the people of Peru. We need to protect the natural and manmade resources of the country, and over the past few years, luckily the government of Peru has begun to recognize the importance of protecting these resources for future generations and to secure the future of Peru. When speaking with the young folk of Peru, they are aware and are keen to preserve what they now realize is their future.

LetsGo Peru and our clients are helping in a small way by contributing part of our profits to the preservation of these historical sites and we hope this will make a difference in the lives of the people of Peru and their families that follow in the generations to come.

What our customers say

amazing experience

Sharon Kang, Atlanta Georgia, USA

Glimpse of Peru, August 2018

“Amazing Experience”

“What an amazing experience, everything was planned to perfection. Thank you LetsGo Peru for helping to make our dreams a reality.”

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amazing experience

Brian Mason, Columbus Ohio, USA

Best of Cusco, November 2018

“Wonderful Experience”

“Would like to thank the team at LetsGo Peru for a wonderful experience.I would not hesitate to recommend LetsGo Peru for anybody traveling to Peru.”

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more than we expected

Tony Cheung, Hong Kong, China

Modern and Ancient Peru, November, 2018

“More Than We Expected”

“Thank you to the LetsGo Peru team for all their efforts in making our group tour to Peru a wonderful experience. We will be back.”

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LetsGoPeru, Peru, machu picchu, Luxury tours, travel

Joanne Hughes, Bristol, England

Luxury and Ancient Incas, November 2018

“Wonderful Private Tours”

“I would like to thank my guide in Machu Picchu, who was very passionate about his job. I cant thank LetsGo Peru enough for the vacation of a lifetime.”

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